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In 2000, Crawl Space & Basement Technologies was established to deal with problems that are specific to crawl spaces and basements. These two areas in a home are unique when they leak because unlike a broken pipe, the repair is usually not obvious. Even when there is no standing water, these areas constantly exude humidity which causes problems throughout the living space. Usually, once a homeowner realizes there is an issue, the damage has become so extensive that professional help is required. Our Main goal is to eliminate standing water, moisture, mold and pest from the lower level of your home.

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Jason Mullins recognized the need for a waterproofing company in Raleigh that would provide crawl space encapsulation and act as a trusted mold remediation specialist. He has completed over 4,600 crawl space encapsulations, 100’s of basement waterproofing systems, and mold remediation is done in almost every job completed. All of our systems are backed by a Lifetime Warranty which can be transferred to a new homeowner at no cost.

30 Years of Experience Crawl Space Encapsulation

Meet the Owner

Jason Mullins - Owner and Certified Mold Remediation Supervisor

Jason has over 30 years of experience working with fire and water restoration and the crawl space encapsulation industry.

In 1992, he started his first company, providing fire and water damage restoration to homes that were damaged by fire and water leaks. It was during this time that he learned about mold and the problems that a moist environment brings. After spending 8 years doing insurance restoration, Jason founded Crawl Space & Basement Technologies to deal with the special moisture issues that are inherent to crawl spaces and basements.

Jason holds the Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS) designation and has developed a patent-pending process to encapsulate the crawl space. Through many years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, Jason has become a true expert at solving lower level moisture issues.

About Crawl Space & Basement Technologies

Since 2000, we have been designing, manufacturing, and installing customized solutions that fix all common crawl space and basement problems forever… GUARANTEED! Our unique products and solutions are custom-tailored to your home for maximum protection against rising energy costs, water, mold, moisture problems, humidity, foundation damage, and pest intrusion.

Did you know that 50% to 60% of the air on the first floor of your home comes from your crawl space or basement?

Excess water intrusion can cause severe damage to the structure of your home and create high levels of moisture and humidity, which leads to mold. Allergies, asthma, and skin irritations can be affected by abnormal levels of humidity, moisture, and mold in your living environment.

Crawl Space & Basement Technologies specializes in basement waterproofing, crawl spaces encapsulation, and remediation of crawl space and basement water and moisture issues. With our Lifetime and Transferable Warranty, we not only improve the air quality of the home but also restore the structural stability of the homes’ foundation. Our team of Raleigh crawl space and basement experts can help you determine the necessary solution for your home and your budget.

We offer a comprehensive line of services designed to protect your home and to prevent moisture problems and damage. Count on our Crawl Space and Basement specialists for sealed crawl spaces, encapsulation, vapor barriersbasement waterproofingmold remediationspray foam insulation services, and more.

Mold Remediation Certification
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Don’t risk your family’s health or the structural security of your home — ask us how to improve the air quality in your home with an expert crawl space or basement solution! We offer no-obligation in-home estimates and consultations. Schedule your appointment today.

Crawl Space & Basement Technologies is proud to be the contractor of choice for homeowners in RaleighCaryChapel HillDurhamWake ForestMorrisville, and the surrounding areas. If you’re worried about mold problems or excess moisture in your home, contact us today by filling out our online form. We’ll provide the peace of mind that comes with a professionally designed and installed crawl space or basement solution.

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