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Why is your crawl space encapsulation company right for my project?

At Crawl Space & Basement Technologies, we have successfully completed over 4,600 sealed crawl spaces and crawl space and basement waterproofing projects since we began. Our team is anchored by licensed mold remediators, and we handle every aspect of the job from start to finish. Our superior rating as an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau and consistently winning Angie’s List service awards show our commitment to completing a job that exceeds our clients satisfaction.

We never require a deposit and only install projects per state building codes. After each job, we send a survey to our customers. We want to hear what we have done right and, if anything, what we can improve upon. The majority of our customers come to us by way of referral from past customers, which we feel is the highest compliment we can receive. Our experience and quality customer service stand as a testament that we can and will complete your crawl space encapsulation project to the highest standards.

How much will my energy savings be from crawl space encapsulation?

Some homes see a decrease of energy costs up to 15% per year. The U.S. Department of Energy adds “If you properly insulate your crawl space – in addition to air sealing and controlling moisture, you will save on energy costs and increase your home’s comfort (A Consumer’s Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – Crawl Space Insulation). Your newly encapsulated crawl space will give you peace of mind. Your new, dry space will improve the air quality in your living space, and will also discourage mold growth and pests.

We are building a new house- is this a good time to seal my Crawl Space?

Yes! A great time to seal a crawl space is in the beginning. A house that is never exposed to the moldy conditions that exist in a crawl space will never have the air quality issues that a vented crawl space will. Energy efficiency begins on Day 1.

What are the stains on my crawl space or basement walls?

Most stains are caused by moisture.

The white chalky stains are efflorescence, which is a deterioration of the cement as it passes through the block. The water inside your foundation walls is slowly bleeding the lime cement out of the wall. Over time, there will be nothing to hold the wall together, resulting in cracks and foundation deterioration. The brown stains could be mold or they could be acid stains from water passing through a highly acidic soil. The black stains could be mold or mildew.

Mold will grow on painted surfaces more so than it will on a bare block because most paints have organic properties which gives the mold something to feed on. All of these type stains indicate the presence of water.

What are some signs of a crawl space or basement leak?

Some of the signs include, but are not limited to: bad odors, excessive mold or mildew on wood surfaces, falling insulation, roach and waterbug intrusions, high levels of humidity in the house and sweating windows.

Why does exterior waterproofing not work?

Exterior waterproofing can never stop hydrostatic pressure. In almost all circumstances, water enters the Crawl Space from below the earth. The more it rains, the more hydrostatic pressure pushes water up into a crawl space until it starts to gather in the low area of the Crawl Space and will continue to “back-up” until the rain stops. An exterior drain can never prevent this from happening.

Who will be installing the waterproofing/encapsulation system?

Crawl Space & Basement Technologies only uses in-house employees for the installation of our systems. We also have used the same contractors for electrical and plumbing, when needed, for many years.

Is a finished basement a problem?

No. Finished basements, as well as sheetrock, studs (2x 4’s), and paneling offer no problems. We work with every type of structure and building material.

Can I finish my basement after waterproofing?

Absolutely. We can fortify your home, permanently eliminate water intrusion to prevent basement flooding, and provide you with a total moisture control and indoor quality solution for the life of the structure.

Is there an ideal size/horsepower for a sump pump?

We only use 3/4 HP sump pumps. The sump pump is the heart of the system, so only the best will do.

Is a battery back-up for my sump pump system necessary?

A battery back-up is recommended, but not necessary. But, if the power does go out and a sump pump system is used the system obviously will not work properly.

Will a waterproofing system from Crawl Space & Basement Technologies enhance the value of our home?

Absolutely! If you sell your house, you can offer a clean, dry basement or crawl space with a Lifetime Structure warranty that is transferable to a new owner. Money spent for a permanently dry basement or crawl space will pay off in an immediate increase in the market value of your home. If you have a basement, it also makes sense to utilize the square footage of your basement as additional living space. It’s the least expensive area of your home to improve.

How can a house so new, that passed inspections, have a water problem?

Unfortunately, building codes aren’t sufficient with regard to foundation drainage, and waterproofing. Most builders have not budgeted to do more than code minimums. That’s all city/county inspectors look for.

Why didn’t my home inspector discover the problem?

Most home inspectors know the basics about all aspects of a structure—plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc. If they inspect a house that has no water under it at the time of the inspection, the problem is easily overlooked. A specialist is better equipped to detect residual signs of water/moisture problems; even in the midst of a drought.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

A Lifetime warranty is provided with every job we complete. If we cannot guarantee our work, then we will not accept the job. All warranties are with the structure and will transfer to a new owner. Some companies have a transfer fee to transfer the warranty to a new owner of a home. We do not.

Do you provide references?

We encourage you to speak with any of our customers. We will be happy to provide you with names and phone numbers so you may speak with them about their experience with Crawl Space and Basement Technologies.

Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes, we are proud to be an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.

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