Spray Foam Basement Insulation in Apex

The top spray foam basement insulation contractor in Apex and the Greater Triangle is ready to serve you! Our foam insulation is the ticket to increased home efficiency and better energy usage.

Don’t Overpay Heating and Cooling Costs in Apex

Save your hard-earned cash by not throwing it out the window!

Poor insulation is the leading cause of high energy bills. Lack of or deteriorating insulation allows for conditioned air to escape, putting a strain on your HVAC system and causing you to use more energy to make your home comfortable. Due to the harsh North Carolina climate, your home’s crawl space and basement is likely under siege from moisture and humid air. Foundation vents allow changing temperatures to flow in and out, creating an environment conducive to mold, mildew and pest infestations. The standard fiberglass insulation in most homes cannot withstand these changes, and over time, breaks down.

Sealing your basement or crawl space with superior spray foam insulation is your best bet for improving your home environment.

Let Our Expert Insulation Specialists Inform You about the Benefits of Spray Foam Basement Insulation in Apex

Our team is specially trained and we understand what is necessary to improve the conditions in your home. We can assess your living conditions and offer a solution to fix your home. Call Crawl Space & Basement Technologies at 919-847-7072 or complete the online contact form to set up a no obligation estimate.

Save Money on High Heating and Cooling Bills!

Enjoy the Benefits of Spray Foam Basement Insulation in Apex!

By insulating your Apex home, you can:

  • Seal home from air and moisture
  • Reduce utility bills
  • Strengthen your home’s structure
  • Stop pollutants from entering

How Apex Basement Spray Foam Insulation Works

A two-part mixture is created, and applied to interior surfaces of exterior walls, underside of roof, and floor boards. During application, the solution will expand, filling cracks and voids, completely sealing the structure.

Is Spray Foam Superior to Other Types of Insulation?

No question!

The higher R-Value per inch versus standard insulation cannot be overstated–it’s designed to provide superior thermal performance to reduce hot and cold zones, which will reduce lost energy.

Once hardened, the foam increases structural stability of walls and reduces moisture intrusion by acting as a secondary vapor barrier.

This is the TOP choice for insulating your home.

Open Cell versus Closed Cell Insulation

In general, both are made from the same materials and work in the same way, by trapping air or gas in a plastic matrix. The differences start with the “blowing agents” used to create bubbles, and end with both varied performance and cost.

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