Crawl Space Encapsulation in Apex

Did you know that your crawl space is the origin of most of the dirty air in your home?

According to the EPA, 60% of all the air on your first floor passes through your crawl space! And because your crawl space is kept under negative pressure (due to HVAC leaks and the perforations between the floor and your crawl space), warm, humid air is literally drawn into your crawl space. This effectively turns that forgotten bit of space beneath your home into a breeding ground for microbes and mold. And because warm air rises, it then floats up into your first-floor living areas for all to inhale.

Waterproofing your crawl space is key to solving this problem. And the best way to do this? A custom crawl space encapsulation in Apex from Crawl Space and Basement Technologies.

crawl space encapsulation in apex

Need more reasons to invest in Apex crawl space encapsulation besides moldy air?

6 Reasons to Encapsulate and Seal your Apex Home’s Crawl Space

  1. Save money! Many homes see up to a 15% decrease in annual energy costs after crawl space encapsulation by our Apex professionals. Unsealed crawl spaces make it easier for air to get in/out of your home. So in the summer, the hot air outside gets in while your cool HVAC air is getting out (and vice versa for the winter). According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “If you properly insulate your crawl space – in addition to air sealing and controlling moisture – you will save on energy costs and increase your home’s comfort.”
  2. Discourage insects and rodents. A crawl space provides the warm, damp environment bugs and rodents love. Encapsulating your crawl space helps eliminate both those tempting elements.
  3. Eliminate crawl space air transmission. Sealing your crawl space stops the “vapor vacuum” that occurs due to the outside/inside pressure difference.
  4. Banish odors. Keeping moisture at bay helps prevent those vague, distasteful smells that homes can have emanating from unsealed crawl spaces.
  5. Create a dry, clean, renewed climate. Encapsulation keeps your crawl space environment clean. Without the moisture or heat, mold and microbes cannot thrive and the rest of your home will reap the benefits.
  6. Preserve your home’s structural integrity. The ground below most homes contains large amounts of moisture. This moisture can enter an exposed crawl space as water vapor and, in some cases, may even become puddled water. That moisture combined with the dark and dank conditions of a crawl space creates a destructive environment where mold thrives and spreads at an alarming rate across any organic material. Aside from the fact that moist wood is like a dessert tray to termites, rot and decay can set in eventually destroy the structural integrity of your home.

Improve your Air Quality and Increase the Value of your Apex Home with a Sealed Crawl Space

Crawl Space Encapsulation
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You can be confident in our Apex crawl space encapsulation expertise! We hold the Council-Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS) designation and our work is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

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