Basement Mold Removal in Apex

Basements are Known to be a Breeding Ground for Mold.

Mold needs humidity and darkness to grow. This makes your basement an ideal place for mold to develop. If you are finding mold in your basement, chances are there’s either foundation leaks or appliances that create condensation in your basement, because they are giving mold a moisture source from which to grow.

Also, in North Carolina, humidity is unavoidable, so mold has an even greater opportunity to grow compared to less humid climates. This mold can easily spread to the rest of your home, causing air quality issues throughout your house. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, estimates that 65% of the air in the first floor of your home comes from the basement. Because mold enters the air in your home, it can lead to many health issues for you and your family, especially if anyone has allergies or asthma. Keep reading to learn about basement mold removal in Apex!

Basement Odors Creeping Upstairs in Your Apex Home?

Mold traveling from your basement to the rest of your home through your HVAC unit is not just damaging to the air quality in your home, it also spreads an unpleasant odor throughout your entire home. This creates an overall unfresh smell, which is not something you want to experience in your home.

This can be avoided by keeping relative humidity below 60% in your basement. This is the level at which mold will not grow. The first step to take in making this possible is eliminating any sources of water entry.

Our Specialists in Basement Mold Removal in Apex Can Help

Luckily, here at Crawl Space and Basement Technologies, we offer basement waterproofing that is patented and guaranteed to stop water intrusion and lower humidity levels in the basement. We also offer a Lifetime Guaranteed drainage system and the Humid-Evac, a humidity evacuation system. These things work together to help make your basement’s air clean and dry. We can solve all of your basement moisture issues with Apex basement mold removal.

We use a licensed, safe process to rid your basement of any mold and bring quality air back into your home. Your basement will look, feel and smell cleaner. To avoid mold turning up again, we also perform a process called encapsulation, where we seal your home from heat and humidity sources. This way, mold will not be returning to your Apex home.

Talk With Us to See How We can Help Make Your Home Safer and Healthier

At Crawl Space and Basement Technologies, we want you to avoid poor air quality and health issues that come from mold growth in your basement. Our Certified Mold Remediators can perform any crawl space or basement mold removal or encapsulation services to meet your needs in your Apex home. Our work comes fully licensed, insured and with a lifetime guarantee.

Give us a call for a consultation at (919) 847-7072 to talk about how our services can meet your needs, or fill out our online contact form to find out more. We can provide you with information about what kind of project you need and an estimated price.

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