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If your basement has moisture problems, whether it's high humidity and condensation to standing water, this can lead to serious issues for your home and your health. Musty odors, mold, damage to your belongings, and structural issues can all stem from a damp basement, but with basement waterproofing in Raleigh from Crawl Space and Basement Technologies, we can stop the leaks and ensure your basement is safe and dry.

Causes of Basement Leaks

Water can only enter the basement in two ways, through the walls or through the floor. While your home may have been built with some type of waterproofing, such as a compound applied to the exterior of the basement walls or even a French drain, these methods only reduce water from seeping in through the walls and don't stop water from entering through the floor.

Most basement leaks come from where the concrete slab floor meets the walls and are caused by hydrostatic pressure. During heavy rains, water saturates the soil causing it to expand and builds pressure that pushes the moisture up through the floor, seeping through the concrete and entering in through small cracks. Over time, cracks and voids grow, making the problem even worse, and allowing more water to enter your basement.

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Raleigh Basement Waterproofing

Why Choose Basement Waterproofing

If you have an unfinished basement you don't use, you may not be sure if you need basement waterproofing. However, moisture is one of the most damaging issues you can face as a homeowner, and a leaking basement can lead to the following problems:


Moisture clinging to the walls and any belongings you may have down in the basement is a breeding ground for mold, and once mold spores enter your home, they can spread rapidly within your walls. Mold spores are incredibly dangerous, often triggering respiratory problems, skin problems, headaches, and asthma attacks.

Wood Rot

High humidity and dampness cause wood to warp and rot, which can cause serious issues with your floor joists and any support beams you may have in the basement. You may experience sagging areas in the floor that are a sign that the floor joists are damaged and rotting.


Mold and mildew in the basement lead to stale, musty odors that can permeate your home. Much of the air in your home comes from the basement or crawl space as it rises through cracks, gaps, and vents, so if the air is dirty and musty in the basement, it will travel through your home.

Pests and Termites

Pests, including roaches, spiders, and vermin, as well as termites, seek out spaces with easy access to moisture, and that includes leaking basements. In fact, most pest control companies won't guarantee their termite control if the basement registers for excess moisture. Having basement waterproofing completed on your home eliminates the water source for pests and termites and can also seal their entrance points.

Structural Damage

As water continues to seep through the concrete, it can widen the cracks and gaps. If left untreated, this can cause structural instability in your home's foundation and require extensive, expensive repairs. A waterproof basement ensures your home's structural integrity and makes it more secure.

Our Basement Waterproofing Process

We specialize in comprehensive, highly effective basement waterproofing in Raleigh and install a Dual Pressure Relief System to minimize hydrostatic pressure and prevent water infiltration. Our experienced, certified team installs the Dual Pressure Relief System through the following steps.

  • Our experienced, certified team cuts, excavates, and clears a trench in a perimeter around the inside of the basement wall.
  • The lowest row of concrete block walls is drilled at every pocket to release trapped water.
  • We lay a Free-Flow drainage pipe in the trench pitched toward a sump pit and the void surrounding the pipe is filled with washed gravel.
  • A submersible sump pit is installed to discharge any water out and away from your home.
  • A heavy-duty vapor barrier is installed over the trench and fresh concrete is poured over it to match the existing level.

The trench is completely covered and the only evidence will be a clean, dry basement that you can then finish, remodel, or update, knowing it's safe from water damage and flooding.

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