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5 Reasons to Permanently Waterproof Your Basement


If you’re a homeowner or property owner, you understand the importance of maintaining a structurally sound and dry basement. From preventing water damage to preserving the value of your property, there are numerous reasons why waterproofing should be a top priority. 

At Crawlspace and Basement Technologies, our Raleigh basement waterproofing experts are sharing our top five compelling reasons to waterproof your basement as an investment you can’t afford to overlook. Get ready to discover the transformative benefits that basement waterproofing services can offer to protect your basement and enhance your peace of mind over the well-being of your home. 

How Water Can Damage Your Basement

A leaky and damp basement can be a pain to deal with, but it is also decaying the foundation of your home.  If left unchecked, mold and structural decay will eventually destroy your foundation blocks, it will rot away any wooden walls or supports you may have in your basement, and mold and odors will soon start to travel to other parts of your home.  

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How Did Water Get into My Basement? 

Although water can penetrate the walls of a basement, it is much more likely that the real leakage issue is caused by hydrostatic pressure under your slab floor.  In most cases, when a heavy rain event occurs, water or vapor is emitted from the crack where the floor and wall meet.  This area is called the “cove.” Some houses have water actually come out of this crack to flood the basement in these heavy rain events, whereas other homes just have vapor emitting from this crack.  

Both water and vapor have a damaging effect on your home, making it crucial to resolve issues permanently through basement waterproofing

5 Reasons for Waterproofing Your Basement 

Let’s explore the main reasons our experts in crawlspace encapsulation and basement waterproofing suggest that as a homeowner you should waterproof your basement. 

#1 – Regain Use Of Your Space

A typical basement can represent ½ of your home’s useable space. If the basement has moisture and odor issues, this space that you are paying a mortgage on is useless. For the people that have lived in a dark, damp dungeon of a basement for years, it’s sometimes hard to conceive a space that is dry, mold and odor free, and very useable for extra storage. Your unusable basement can be regained as usable space for a kid’s playroom, an exercise room, and additional living space if needed, among other uses.  

At our basement waterproofing company, we have waterproofed many Raleigh-area basements in our over 20 years of servicing North Carolina homes. This allowed our clients to regain space in their basements so it becomes a useful part of their homes. 

#2 – Rid The Basement Of Odors

basement waterproofing

Odors in a basement can come from several places, but the root cause is moisture. Moisture creates an environment conducive to mold growth. Once the mold is present, it begins to off-gas and that’s where the odor originates. You can clean, paint, and even replace furnishings but the odor still exists.  

If your basement is finished with sheetrock walls, the wall framing and sheetrock hide the floor cove crack that is emitting moisture. When this moisture rises, it eats away at the sheetrock from behind the wall, creating odor issues with no easily observable problem. When our basement waterproofing professionals remove the moisture issue from the basement and remove mold from interior surfaces, the odor becomes eliminated permanently from your basement.

#3 – Block Insects From Entering Your Home 

Pests and insects must congregate around moisture-rich environments. Most pests don’t drink water, they absorb the needed moisture through their exoskeletons. This is why we typically find roaches in damp, wet areas. 

When we waterproof and seal a basement, these insects lose the entry points into your home, but more importantly, if we eliminate the moisture, they can’t survive. If you listen to a pest control company, their solution is to keep spraying insecticides in your basement rather than eliminate the moisture that is causing the insects to keep returning when the last poison application wears off. Rather than expose your home to continuous chemical treatments, choose to waterproof your basement and eliminate your pest issue altogether. 

#4 – Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Odors are warning signs of mold and deeper rot issues that exist in basements. Modern HVAC systems are designed to pull and circulate all the air inside a house. A serious problem arises when part of the house is affected by moisture and mold. These odors are also part of the air the HVAC system is trying to circulate.  

A common complaint that our Raleigh basement waterproofing contractors hear from owners of leaky basements is that the house smells throughout even though the problem is in the basement. Remember, this “odor” is just another way of explaining that the house has a moisture and mold issue. Allowing the HVAC system to operate as normal means the mold spores are being distributed to all rooms in your home. There’s no reason to suffer from poor-quality air inside your home when basement waterproofing can be a permanent solution to improve indoor air quality.

#5 – Preserve Structural Integrity

When you see water on a basement floor or wall, you are only seeing part of the problem. The other part of the problem is hidden under the concrete floor or behind the block wall. Water is the universal solvent, and if given enough time, it will deteriorate block, and make concrete crack.  

The best and most logical repair that can be made to a leaky basement that is deteriorating the structural integrity of your home is to waterproof your basement. Preventing structural damage with basement waterproofing allows your block walls to retain their structural stability and help keep the concrete floor from cracking.  Almost all foundation cracks or failures are caused by excessive water around the foundation, which can be eliminated with basement waterproofing services. 

Waterproof Your Basement with Our Raleigh Experts Today! 

Don’t wait for water damage to wreak havoc on your basement! Take action now and protect your property with the help of our expert team at Crawlspace and Basement Technologies in Raleigh. 

Our experienced basement waterproofing professionals are ready to provide you with the highest quality waterproofing solutions tailored to the needs of your home. Don’t let a wet basement become a costly nightmare– instead, contact us today and schedule a consultation to permanently waterproof your basement.

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