April 14

COVID-19 Updates


As we continue to monitor the rapidly changing climate caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, our team at Crawl Space & Basement Technologies would like to take a moment to inform our clients that we will continue to remain open and available during this time. 

While dealing with the dangerous spread of a respiratory virus, we want to protect your health by ensuring the air quality inside your home is both safe and hygienic. 

Our main priority continues to be your safety, that’s why we’ll meet you outside your home to provide estimates or further discuss the services you need as an added precaution. So please, if you have any concerns, or just need reassurance that you’re breathing clean, quality air, contact us today and we can conduct a comprehensive moisture audit of your home. 

Can Excess Moisture Inside My Home Cause Breathing Problems?

Dampness caused by visible moisture and high humidity levels can contribute to the development of mold growing inside of your home.

raleigh Mold removal services

Mold exposure can have serious health repercussions, especially for those suffering from allergies, asthma and certain lung conditions. Some of these health consequences include worsening allergies, reduced lung function and an increased risk of having a dangerous asthma attack. 

On the contrary, even non-suffers face deleterious health effects as well, which includes throat, nose and lung irritation. 

Additionally, regularly breathing compromised air can lead to long term health issues. As noted, with COVID-19, underlying health issues and those with compromised immune systems are most at risk.

Purifying the Air in Your Home With Crawl Space Waterproofing & Encapsulation

Preventing high humidity levels and vapor transmission exists as the two most fundamental ways you can protect the air quality inside your home. 

Did you know that 60 percent of the air in the  first floor of our homes comes from our crawl space? Without proper crawl space encapsulation, sullied air permeates the air inside your living space, making you unknowingly inhale pollutants harmful to your health. 

In addition to vapor transmission, humidity levels rise when hot, humid air enters your crawl space through foundation vents. This same air recirculates into your home, leading to excess moisture and mold. Sealing off this area reduces the risk of developing mold in addition to eliminating foul odors caused by moisture trapped inside your crawl space. 

Certified Mold Remediation Specialist In Raleigh 

Our team at Crawl Space &  Basement Technologies specializes in providing clean, breathable  air to homeowners living in the Raleigh, NC area. Founder Jason Mullins is a Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS) and has over 24 years of experience working in the crawl space encapsulation industries. We guarantee we can protect the structural integrity of your home while properly managing moisture levels to protect the health and quality of the air you breathe.  

Protect Your Air Inside Your Home

We hope everyone remains safe and healthy during this time. Remember we are still here to help you.

Please contact us or call us at (919) 847-7072 today and schedule your  appointment for a moisture audit for your home. Now that we are all home more, it’s important that we know the air in our living space is clean. So, contact us with about questions or concerns you have. We’re here to ensure the safety of your home. 


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