October 23

Crawl Space FAQs


Here at CBTofNC, we are routinely asked a wide range of questions about crawl spaces. These questions span from the typical to the unorthodox, so we decided to put together a resource for some of the questions we are asked most about crawl spaces.

What is a Crawl Space in the House?

Crawl spaces refer to smaller spaces either in an attic area above the living area, or below the floor in homes without a basement and are built on post & pier. These spaces are typically anywhere between 1-3 feet high, giving just enough space for someone to crawl into (hence the name).

How Do You Remove a House’s Crawl Space Smell?

Typically, the odor coming from a post crawl space is caused by organic plant litter that decomposes in the soil, producing such gases as methane, acetone, acetic acid, and other volatile organic compounds, causing high humidity in your crawl space, along with an odor.  Having crawl space waterproofing done will mitigate this odor, as it decreases the moisture levels in soil, thus reducing the amount of moisture that will evaporate into the air. This moisture that evaporates into the air is typically the cause of the smell. 

Is Standing Water in a Crawl Space an Issue?

The short answer is a resounding yes. A chronic issue with standing water that has not been remediated means that mold is present somewhere and extensive repairs are more than likely going to be needed. If water continues to get into the crawl space, consider crawl space sealing and encapsulation to keep all moisture out from under your home. 

Can I Convert My Crawl Space to a Basement?

You can indeed convert a crawl space into a basement. Crawl spaces are essentially short basements without a finished floor, so there is room to expand in order to expand into a basement. This is a lengthy, laborious process, so while this is possible to do alone, we recommend using one of our crawl space experts to assist with this project.

How Do I Get Rid of Mice in my Basement or Crawl Space?

There are a couple of suggested steps for getting rid of mice/pests in your basement/crawl space. The best way to get rid of mice in your basement/crawl space is by being proactive in preventing them from entering your home. Making sure to keep your house clean and free of dirty dishes or excess food can go a long way in keeping rodents out of your house, as this is typically what they are seeking. We also recommend filling any holes that may allow for the entry of mice to prevent them from sneaking in.  

If you have found that mice have already infiltrated your crawl space, you may want to use heavy duty mouse traps to kill the remaining mice. Once the trap has caught the mouse, discard immediately, as the corpse itself can attract other pests.  

Is a Crawlspace a Safe Place to go During a Tornado?

While there isn’t necessarily a “safe” place to go during a tornado, it is typically recommended that you find a small enclosed room in your house to seek shelter, so a crawl space would be applicable in this sense. The one big issue with a crawlspace is that the entrance door may get blown off, so you may be susceptible to flying objects.  

What Causes White Mold in Crawl Space?

White mold is often found in two locations in a crawl space, exposed soil and the lower portions of the floor joists.  In wet climates, exposed soil in a crawl space will typically cause mold growth. Most of the time, this happens due to a missing or incomplete vapor barrier. The combination of dirt, excess moisture, and limited airflow creates the perfect conditions for mold growth. More times than not, white rather than black mold grows in the soil, but both kinds require mold remediation to effectively remove it. 

What Kind of Mold Fogger Can I Use in my Crawl Space?

It is recommended that you not use foggers that distribute chemical biocides throughout crawl spaces, especially when air from the crawl space can potentially impact the air inside your home. A faster and safer way to sanitize mold in a crawl space is using ozone gas. Ozone works immediately upon contacting surfaces inside a crawl space and is able to sanitize difficult-to-reach areas.  

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