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Home Foundation Problems



The most important natural resource that we all must have. Yet, it is also one of the most destructive forces in the whole world. Of course water in the form of a flood or hurricane causes millions of dollars in damages each year, but have you considered the impact water has in small amounts? Even as vapor?

Vapor and excess humidity in your home’s crawl space or basement can easily lead to mold growth, which can lead to health issues for you or your family in the home.

Standing water can cause damage by rotting wood and eroding soil from a home’s foundation. This can lead to costly repairs and, if left untreated, water can destroy your most valuable asset.

How Water Affects Your Home’s Foundation

Even though you may not see the effects of water on your foundation, you can be sure that it is occurring. Pooling or standing water at your foundation can create damage in numerous ways.

Eroding soil can expose the foundation over time and lead to a sinking foundation.

Water can find its way into your home a by saturating the ground. Eventually, the bricks will absorb the water. As more water pools, the pressure of the water pushes against the water molecules in the brick, pushing them towards your home’s interior.¬†Essentially, the vacant air space below your home becomes a place where water can seep into.

Small cracks can become worse during winter. Water expands when frozen, and this can take a toll over time, causing the foundation to separate. Swelling due to seasonal temperature changes can also lead to more damage.

Once the moisture reaches the crawl space or basement, your home’s air quality can begin to suffer, and the area can become a haven for mold and pests.

Checking Your Home for Foundation Problems

By identifying problems early on, you can then plan for ways to repair the problem or prevent it from happening.

Signs of Foundation Damage

  • Cracks – look for obvious stair stepping and small cracks
  • Chimney and Porches Separating from Home
  • Door and Window Problems – won’t close easily
  • Drywall Cracks
  • Uneven Floors
  • Gaps in Door Frame and Base Boards
  • Leaks or Standing Water in Basement or Crawl Space

Prevent Water Intrusion in Your Home

By taking proactive measures to prevent water intrusion into the home, you can reduce major repair needs in the future. By identifying foundation problems early, you can

Find the Source of the Leaks

Cracks around the foundation are not always visible. Take time to really look over your home. Larger cracks like stair stepping are easily identifiable.

Take a good look at your landscaping to identify problem areas. Some foundation issues can be fixed by adjusting storm water drainage. Consider adding a drain in areas with pooling water.

Notice dark areas on concrete foundation blocks. This is a sign of mildew and water damage.

Even if the bricks are dry, you might be able to see white chalky substance called efflorescence. Water passing through the bricks causes mineral deposits to be left upon evaporation. This is further evidence that water has entered the home, even when you have no water present.

Clean, Seal and Waterproof

You can’t overlook the problems in your foundation. Cleaning the area free of rotting organic matter like mulch or cutting back shrubs so they do not rest on the home are good places to start.

Once the area has been cleared, comprehensive basement waterproofing  or crawl space waterproofing around the entire foundation is needed to prevent further damage.

Consult with an Experienced Waterproofing Specialist

Attempting to solve your moisture and foundation problems can be more challenging than simply caulking the cracks. If not addressed properly foundation issues can become are one of the most costly repairs a homeowner faces.

The benefits of hiring an experienced waterproofing specialist can save you time and money over the course of your home ownership. A reputable crawl space encapsulation company will develop a strategy to repair your problem, and the work is guaranteed.

Contact the Raleigh Basement and Waterproofing Experts

For nearly 30 years the team at Crawl Space & Basement Technologies of Raleigh have provided residents of central North Carolina with solutions to their mold and water intrusion problems. By working with each home owner to develop a custom waterproofing plan, our technicians have experienced it all and understand what it takes to stop water damage.

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