September 8

How to Prepare Your Home for Basement Waterproofing


Whether you’re taking the first step toward finishing your basement or simply want to protect your home from mold, insects, and poor air quality, you’re getting ready to have waterproofing completed in your basement. While trusting this task to a professional team ensures a hassle-free experience and excellent results, you do need to get ready for the project in order to minimize mess, prevent damage, and speed the process along. To help you, we’re sharing tips on how to prepare your home for basement waterproofing.

What Is Basement Waterproofing?

Before we dig into what you need to do, let’s break down what we will be doing to waterproof your basement. We are installing the Dual Pressure Relief System to stop moisture from seeping in both through the walls and coming up through the basement floor. To do this requires the following steps:

  1. Digging a trench around the perimeter of the interior walls;
  2. Drilling periodically into the lowest level of the walls’ concrete blocks to release trapped water;
  3. Laying a drainage pipe in the trench and directing it to a sump pit;
  4. Installing a submersible sump pump to remove water from the drain and carry it away from the house.
  5. Lay a barrier over the drain pipe and trench;
  6. Pour fresh concrete over the trench and level it to be even with the existing surface;

By the time the work is complete, you’ll never know we were there, except now you’ll have a clean, dry basement ready for your transformation.

Preparing Your Basement for Waterproofing

Now that you know what we’ll be doing, you probably have a better idea of how to prepare for the project. First, let’s focus on clearing the basement:

  • Remove personal items;
  • Remove electronics;
  • Move large items toward the center of the basement and out of the way of access areas like stairs or doorways;
  • Take up any carpet or flooring that will be blocking the work area where the trench will be placed.

Because our crews will be digging a trench in your basement, this can get messy. Plus, we’ll be bringing in equipment and supplies to complete the task. Making sure anything delicate or expensive isn’t going to be damaged is important as is removing flooring that would be in the way.

Preparing for Dust in Your Home During Basement Waterproofing

Most people don’t realize how much dust is created during basement waterproofing, but because we will be cutting into concrete, this gets messy. While we do what we can to reduce dust during our work, we would recommend protecting and preparing for dust as much as possible:

  • Turn off your furnace or air conditioner if possible to keep dust contained to the basement;
  • Cover vents and the intake filter on your HVAC unit, especially if the equipment is in the basement;
  • Anyone with respiratory problems may need to spend the day elsewhere to minimize complications.

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