March 13

Simple Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

With the cold, wet winter behind us and warm weather arriving, now is a great time to do some simple home maintenance and repairs. We’re sharing our favorite quick and easy tips so you can keep your home in good condition and improve your energy efficiency before hot weather arrives all too soon!

Replace Your Air Filters

One of the first things you want to do is clean out or change any Raleigh basement and crawl space waterproofingfilters in your home, from your HVAC unit to your range hood. With your heating system working hard all winter and your home being closed up, dust, dander, and other allergens have built up. Replacing any filters in your humidifier, HVAC, and air purifiers will improve your air quality and their performance. 

Schedule Seasonal HVAC Service

In addition to changing out your air filters, you’ll want to schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance. Having a professional test your system, clean coils, and make sure it’s in good working order will not only keep your system working more efficiently and lower your energy bills, but they can spot potential repair issues. By fixing problems before they start, you won’t be hit with an expensive emergency repair a few months from now. 

Clean Out Your Gutters

Raleigh spring and summer brings a lot of heavy downpours, so it’s important to make sure your gutters are clear of leaves, sticks, and all the debris that may have collected over the winter. Not only should you clear the gutter themselves, but also run a hose down the downspout to make sure water is draining properly. 

When you are done cleaning your gutters, spray water through them to ensure water is draining far from your foundation. Leaky gutters and improper draining can cause water to pool at your foundation, causing leaks in your basement and standing water in your crawl space

Inspect Your Roof

While you’ve got the ladder out to check your gutters, it’s a good idea to inspect your roof, too. Remove any large branches and other debris, and do a thorough inspection for missing shingles, damage to flashing around chimneys and plumbing ventilation, or any other things that could turn into an expensive repair down the road. While shingles are fairly easy to repair on your own, flashing repair and replacement should be done by a professional. 

Check Your Foundation 

If you have a basement or crawl space foundation, make sure it’s in good condition for summer. Clearing leaves and debris from ventilation screens to your crawl space will allow air to flow freely under your Raleigh home, minimizing moisture and humidity that cause damage, while repairing or replacing tears will keep mice, squirrels, and other critters from making their home under yours. Keep an eye out for excess moisture under your home as you may require crawl space sealing to prevent ongoing moisture damage.   

While you’re inspecting your foundation, look for cracks in the concrete to determine if any shifting has taken place. Small cracks can be filled with a special concrete filler or silicone caulk, but larger cracks are a sign of a possible foundation issue. Also, moisture and water can lead to these foundation problems. If you inspect your basement and see signs of dampness (mold, water, staining, musty smells), consider contacting a basement waterproofing company for a solution. 

Is Your Raleigh Home Properly Insulated?

If you noticed your home was chilly over the winter and your furnace had a hard time keeping up, the problem could be that your home isn’t insulated against outside drafts and extreme temperatures. This means that in the summer, your home will be just as hot and stuffy as it was chilly and drafty over the winter (or you’ll face high energy bills to stay comfortable). 

If your attic is poorly insulated, much of your cooled air is escaping into your attic or through your roof as your house. Similarly, your crawl space or basement may be to blame for hot, humid air seeping into your home and up through your floor boards. Spring is an excellent time to determine your insulation levels and begin making plans to add updated insulation in order to keep your home healthier and more comfortable during the summer.

Contact Our Raleigh Waterproofing and Insulation Specialists to Prepare Your Home for Spring and Summer!

At Crawl Space and Basement Technologies of North Carolina, we provide professional insulation and waterproofing services to Raleigh homes. We can help you keep your energy costs low throughout the year while helping you prevent damage to your home from moisture, heat, and temperature fluctuations. To learn more about our services, contact our crawl spacebasement waterproofing and insulation specialists today.

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