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What Is the Cost of Crawl Space Encapsulation?


Moisture under your home can lead to mold growth, pest infestations, and even a loss of structural integrity. Crawl space encapsulation is an effective way to completely seal the space under your home in order to block moisture from entering the space. To have this done costs an average of $5,500, though several factors affect this price. If you’re wondering what goes into the cost and if it’s worth it, we’re breaking down the cost of crawl space encapsulation and why this investment can save big money in the long run.

Breaking Down the Cost of Crawl Space Encapsulation

As we mentioned above, crawl space encapsulation is a comprehensive method of sealing the interior of your crawl space to keep all moisture out by waterproofing the space and covering the dirt beneath your home and the foundation walls with thick barriers and insulation. While the average cost is around $5,500, this number can range to as low as $2,000 to over $10,000 as several factors affect the price.

First, the size of your crawl space probably plays the biggest role in the price. A 900 square foot space under the home will be most likely be much less expensive than a home with a 2,500 square foot crawl space, simply because there will be fewer materials involved and less labor.

Additionally, the condition of your crawl space will affect the cost of encapsulation. Common factors that must be addressed before encapsulation can begin include:

  • Pest control to remove any mice, roaches, or termites from the space.
  • Clearing overgrowth and plants from under the home.
  • Mold remediation to remove any mold from the floor joists, foundation, or other area within the crawl space
  • Foundation repair if water under the home has led to serious cracks in the foundation beyond what can easily be fixed with caulk.

Once those issues are addressed and the space is cleaned and waterproofed, the insulation and barriers are installed, vents and holes are sealed, and you have a clean, dry crawl space.

Why Invest in an Encapsulated Crawl Space

Most people think a damp crawl space isn’t anything to worry about – after all, no one is living under the house, right? Actually, what happens in the crawl space can have serious ramifications for your entire home and the occupants of it. Moisture under the home can lead to a wide range of problems, including:

Poor Air Quality

As much as half of the air on the first floor of your home comes from your crawls space. Air from under the home rises, seeping in through cracks and gaps in the floor and HVAC vents and ducts. If the air in your crawl space has mold spores and bacteria from stagnant moisture, that can trigger serious respiratory problems, allergies, and asthma.

Mold and Mildew Odors

If your home smells musty, damp, or unpleasant, those odors are most likely originating from the crawl space. The same spores that cause respiratory problems also cause foul, musty odors.

Pest and Termite Infestations

As we mentioned above, pests, particularly mice, roaches, and termites, are drawn to easy access to moisture. An unsealed crawl space makes it easy for pests to access moisture and provides them a dark, undisturbed space where they can build nests or colonies and infest your home.

High Energy Bills

In the summer, the air in your crawl space is hot and humid, and in the the winter, it’s cold. As we mentioned, that air is flowing upward into your home making it more expensive to keep heated and cooled. In addition to this, if you have leaking ducts under your home, you’re losing your heated and cooled air to the outside. If your crawl space is completely sealed, it will be close to the same temperature as your house and you won’t lose your treated air.

Foundation Problems

The most expensive problem that can come from an untreated crawl space are foundation issues. As moisture seeps into the crawl space, it’s creating cracks in your concrete foundation and rotting the wooden supports and floor joists. Over time, your home’s structure can become unsound as the floor supports and foundation walls crack and weaken.

Having an encapsulated crawl space prevents these expensive and dangerous problems and keeps your home safe, clean, and healthy.

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