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What to Do When Your Basement Leaks


Moisture in your basement can lead to problems over time – mold, mildew, odors…it can even attract pests and lead to structural damage. But what happens when it’s not just humidity and condensation in your basement, but you have a full-on leak or even a flood?

If you end up with standing water in your basement whenever there’s a heavy thunderstorm, it’s important to take immediate action to prevent serious damage to your home and avoid putting your health at risk. To help you deal with this problem, our basement waterproofing company in Raleigh is walking you through the steps you need to take.

Assess the Damage from a Safe Location

If there’s standing water in your basement, before you begin looking for the source or start cleaning up, look around your basement from a dry location to see if it’s safe to enter the space. Do not enter the area if:

– There is significant, widespread standing water where there are active electrical devices. A flooded basement can put you at serious risk of shock or electrocution.

Instead, call an electrician who can take steps to make it safe to move forward with the cleanup.

– The water has been standing in the basement for an extended period.

For example, if this occurred in an empty rental home or while you were gone on vacation, the mold and bacteria growth could be severe and would require immediate assistance from a trained water damage restoration and mold remediation company.

If the leak is significant but only affects a small area, put on gloves and boots before entering the space. Then, continue to take care to avoid any electricity sources, and if you can safely do so, shut off the power to areas near the flood. From there, you can assess the damage to the space.

Determine the Cause of Basement Flooding

Most likely, if your basement is frequently damp and musty and it’s been raining lately, water is coming in from outside. However, if this is the first you’ve ever dealt with water issues, and it’s been dry, the issue may be a plumbing problem.

– If the water is from a burst pipe, shut off water to the area and call a plumber.

Also, be sure to take pictures of any damage for your insurance company as most homeowner’s policies cover water damage caused by burst pipes, appliance failures, and similar accidental discharge or overflow issues.

– If water is coming up from the floor or the walls, check to see if your floor drain is clear and reach out to a basement waterproofing solution company.

In this case, insurance doesn’t cover ground water unless you have flood insurance, so you can skip the step of taking pictures.

Cleaning Up a Flooded Basement

The next step is to remove the standing water. Again, you have to factor in safety before moving forward. If there’s a partial flood or area of standing water, you can most likely use a wet-dry vac to suction up the water. If there is a significant area, then it’s better to work with a professional company who deals in water damage and cleanup who has the equipment to pump out the water and focus on drying out the space.

If you’re able to clean up the area yourself, after the water is removed, the most important thing to do is stop the growth of mold. In most cases, items like clothing and stuffed animals can be washed and sanitized and non-porous items like metal and plastic can be cleaned and sanitized, paper products will need to be thrown away.

Structural elements, like water damaged drywall will also need to be removed so the wood behind the area can be cleaned and dried.

Consider Mold Remediation

Most likely, if your basement has flooded due to ground water leaks, this isn’t the first time moisture has been introduced into your basement, meaning there could be mold spores and bacteria growing throughout the space.

Mold and microbes borne from stagnant water can quickly go through your home, leading to respiratory complications and illness. Reaching out to a certified mold remediation company to test, inspect, and clean up the space is necessary to ensure your home is safe and healthy.

Have a Basement Waterproofing System in Place

Unless the leak was caused by a plumbing issue, then the problem will simply keep happening, and possibly get worse over time. Instead of having to continuously clean up water and mold damage, it’s important to invest in a basement waterproofing solution that keeps the area dry and prevents leaks, flooding, and even minor moisture problems like condensation.

While many companies recommend vapor barriers or exterior French drains to mitigate water damage, having an interior solution to stopping water from entering your home is the only way to prevent pressure from building up under the home, forcing water inside.

Get a Basement Waterproofing Solution with a Lifetime Guarantee

If you have moisture problems in your home, reach out Crawl Space & Basement Technologies. We offer comprehensive moisture mitigation solutions, including mold remediation. Our interior basement waterproofing system goes beyond traditional methods to stop moisture caused by floor and wall seepage, cracks in the foundation, and other issues that allow water and humidity to enter the space.

With our Dual Pressure Relief System, you can transform a damp, flood-prone area into a dry, clean space, and with our lifetime guarantee.

To schedule an estimate or learn more about our services, call us today at 919-847-7072 or fill out our online form to get started.









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