November 23

Why Do I Need a Crawl Space Inspection?


If you take the out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach when it comes to your crawl space, you could be setting yourself up for big problems. Things that are going on in your crawl space right now without your knowledge can impact your entire home and your health. This is why you want to have a crawl space inspection to determine if there are issues that need your immediate attention. A crawl space inspection may uncover problems that crawl space encapsulation can easily fix. 

As we look at some signs that you may need a crawl space inspection, we’ll also let you know how Crawl Space & Basement Technologies can help to keep your crawl space clean and your home healthy.

Signs You Need a Crawl Space Inspection

There may be things going on in your home right now that indicate that you can benefit from a crawl space inspection. Here are things to look for:

Cold Floors

When you walk on your floor first thing in the morning, is your floor noticeably cold to the touch, although your thermostat is working properly? If so, you may be lacking insulation in your space. Cold air may be seeping through, making your floors colder than they should be. 

Crawl space encapsulation services can keep warm air in and prevent cold air from getting into your house. This will help to avoid those cold floors in the morning and throughout the day.

Stale or Mildew Smell

If you’ve noticed a stale or mildew smell in your home, your crawl space may be to blame. Many times, these odors originate from standing water inside your crawl space. Once the water gets inside of there it becomes trapped. This will lead to the stench that is permeating throughout your home through your vents. 

The smell could also be coming from a sewage leak coming from your drain line within your plumbing. With a proper crawl space inspection from Crawl Space & Basement Technologies, our experienced technicians will immediately identify the problem and offer you solutions to correct it. 

High Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed high energy bills for no reason you can think of, you may have a vented crawl space that is allowing a draft into your home. This can lead to higher energy bills as you work to regulate the indoor temperature to something more comfortable. Crawl space encapsulation can help to prevent this from happening and lower your energy bills.

Damaged Structural Supports

You may not realize it, but a damaged crawl space can lead to chimney cracks and cause your foundation to heave. It can also lead to your doors and windows sticking to their frames throughout your home. Sometimes it is difficult to trace these problems back to your crawl space without a crawl space inspection. However, an experienced team member from Crawl Space & Basement Technologies can detect these issues and determine the best plan of action.

Warping Floors

When the supports of your crawl space start to give out, you may begin to notice unstable floors throughout the upper levels of your home. Warping floors are an issue you’ll want to get fixed right away to avoid future, more expensive issues in your home.

When you have a crawl space inspection in your home, a technician will look for these issues and more to determine what needs to be done to protect your home. Many times, crawlspace encapsulation can help to remedy these types of situations.

How Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Work?

Crawl space encapsulation entails completely sealing off the area under your home while still making the crawl space usable. A thick layer of vinyl sheeting is placed on the ground under your home to eliminate any moisture from evaporation from the soil. The sealing process is carried up the walls of the crawl space to prevent moisture from seeping in through the block walls as well as sealing the vents that allow hot, humid air from entering. Sometimes, an interior drainage system is needed for additional waterproofing.

The Benefits of a Crawl Space Inspection

crawl space encapsulation

When you have a crawl space inspected and problems are detected, you can improve your home’s air quality quickly. Around 60 percent of the air on the first floor of your home enters through the crawl space due to leaks in your ductwork and voids in your floor and subfloor.

Any bacteria or mold spots that are under your home can penetrate your living spaces when heated and cooled air from your HVAC unit is getting down into the crawl space. This can lead to respiratory issues, as well as headaches, and allergies. Many times people don’t realize that it is the air inside their homes that is causing these issues. However, when a crawl space inspection uncovers issues, you can quickly improve the air quality inside your home and prevent future health issues.

When Should I Schedule a Crawl Space Inspection?

If you’ve just moved into a new home, you’ll want to schedule a crawl space inspection to determine if there are any issues. If you’ve been in your home for some time, and notice any of the problems we mentioned above, you’ll want to schedule a crawl space inspection soon. This will allow you to know what may be going on in your crawl space and how you can fix the problem.

Do You Need a Crawl Space Inspection?

If you need a crawl space inspection, Crawl Space & Basement Technologies is here to help. We have the experience needed to inspect your crawl space and determine what steps need to be taken to fix any problems that could be lurking. Our crawl space encapsulation services can solve many of these issues. We offer quality work at affordable costs to homeowners in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

Call us today at [phone] or fill out the online form to learn more about how our crawl space services can help you.


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