April 7

Why is My House so Humid?


A home can feel very uncomfortable when the home has high levels of moisture levels are drastically impacted by the condition of your crawl space. Being that 50-60% of the air from the first floor in your house comes from your crawl space this has a huge impact on your home. 

What happens if I don’t address the moisture levels in my crawl space?

When your crawl space has high levels of moisture over time this will calls mold and/or fungus to appear. It can appear in the crawl space or in the home. Your home is also more prominent to house pests because of course they love moisture. Another common effect of high levels of moisture is a musty odor. Some people referred to it as “an old house smell”.

All of these reasons are just some of the benefits to a FULL crawlspace encapsulation and why we warranty what we do. Don’t be fooled by someone selling you a vapor barrier and a dehumidifier. Those two things alone are just a “band-aid” on your crawl space. They do not prevent or eliminate.

During a full encapsulation we completely seal off your crawl space from moisture, so you don’t have these issues. 

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