August 12

Will Crawl Space Encapsulation Affect Your Home’s Value?


Owning a home is an investment, and you want every update and improvement you make to reflect in your home’s value. While some updates, like renovating a kitchen or adding a deck offer the visual appeal that can entice buyers and drive up the selling cost of your home, the structural improvements may not offer the same results (even though they are much more beneficial over the long term). Crawl space encapsulation offers numerous benefits, but does it increase the value of your home? We’re sharing how to leverage the benefits of an encapsulated crawl space in order to add value to your home and appeal to homebuyers in the future.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Increases Energy Efficiency

The temperature of the air under your home when your crawl space isn’t sealed is directly dependent on the outside temperature. In the summer, your crawl space is hot and muggy, and in the winter, icy air takes hold. However, the air under your home doesn’t stay in the crawl space, it seeps upward through cracks and voids in the floor, bringing heat or cold with it. Meanwhile, heated and cooled air from your living space seeps downward through those same voids. Your HVAC has to work harder to keep your home comfortable, leading to higher bills.

By sealing your crawl space, the air under your home will be more stable and closer to the temperature of your living spaces so you won’t fight drafts and hot air seepage. This cuts down on your energy costs by up to 20 percent and can be an excellent selling point with prospective buyers!

An Encapsulated Crawl Space Improves Air Quality

You want your home to be a safe, healthy space, but around half of the air on the first floor of your home is the air that has risen from your crawl space.  An unsealed crawl space is dirty with high humidity, contaminants, and pollutants, and that is what you and your family (as well as prospective homebuyers) are breathing in. Sealed crawl spaces offer a healthier overall indoor air quality, ensuring fewer allergy and respiratory symptoms.

Prevent Excess Moisture and Mold Growth

When we encapsulate a crawl space, we completely seal the space to stop humid air from entering through the vents as well as block moisture evaporation from the soil under your home. This stops excess moisture and humidity from filling the space and prompting the growth of mold spores both under and throughout your home. Not only does this also ensure improved air quality, it also prevents unpleasant, musty odors from permeating your house.

Improved Structural Integrity Over a Longer Period

Encapsulating your crawl space also ensures structural integrity over a longer period of time. Moisture that seeps in through the concrete will cause your foundation walls to erode and crack over time, leading to serious foundation problems. Additionally, moisture under the home causes the wooden floor joists to warp, weaken, and rot. Both of these issues can be a disaster for a homeowner as they are dangerous as well as expensive to repair.

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