Basement Waterproofing in Cary

If water is seeping into the basement of your Cary home, it’s important to get it fixed immediately, as there can be hundreds of issues that can arise from moisture damage. Your home and possessions could be impacted by terrible odors, destruction of valuables, structural damage to the home and more. That’s why basement waterproofing in Cary is so crucial.

Your home has likely had exterior waterproofing when the home was built. This could include French drains or some type of waterproofing compound applied to the walls below grade. This is a great start, but it doesn’t fully cover all types of water intrusion. Hydrostatic pressure builds up below the slab your home was built on. Once the hydrostatic pressure reaches a saturation point, the water must go somewhere. In this case, through your basement slab or the walls of your basement.

Take a look at the illustration below to see the most common leak areas for a basement. Notice where the concrete slab meets the block wall. This area cannot be reached or treated externally, even with excavation of the soil down to the foundation, the joint could not be successfully treated.

basement waterproofing in cary

Commonly Found Cary Basement Water Problems

1) Floor Seepage

Over time, the severe weather of North Carolina can damage your home, causing leaks and cracks in your foundation. The foundation is weakest at the joint where the wall and floor meet. When installed, the walls sit over the footer of your home. Once the concrete floor is poured, cold seams are created causing voids or gaps. When the floor cures, it shrinks causing these gaps to increase between the parts. Once the ground has reached its saturation point of water, intrusion occurs in the spaces, which can lead to flooding.

2) Wall Seepage

The foundation walls are the first point of contact for much of the water your home is subjected to. Waterproofing that occurred at the time of building can break down over time, making your home a perfect target for water intrusion. Since concrete is naturally porous, it can absorb quite a bit of water that can eventually break down the structural strength of the blocks.

3) Cracks

This is a serious problem. These cracks cause structural damage and can lead to deterioration of the homes structural strength. Cracks from settling of the foundation happen naturally, but even so, any crack is a clear indication that water is traveling under your home, eroding the soil.

4) Efflorescence

Have you noticed a white powdery substance on your homes foundation? If so, this is the result of a chemical reaction called efflorescence. When this occurs, the walls are actually deteriorating and flaking away. Areas where the walls have been painted show this the most. Paint flakes and peels away from the wall to expose damage to the foundation.

Can You Fix Your Cary Basement’s Water Problem?

Absolutely! Our Dual Pressure Relief System has solved hundreds of Cary basement water intrusion issues.

Our Cary basement waterproofing installation process is:

  • Inside the perimeter of the floor a cut is made 8-10 inches from the wall. Then a trench is excavated and cleared of debris.
  • The lowest course of block is drilled at every core pocket to release and remove standing or entrapped water. This is not necessary for brick or poured concrete walls.
  • A drainage pipe is laid in the trench and pitched towards the sump pit(s). All sub-floor voids are then filled with 3/4″ washed gravel.
  • A vapor barrier is installed over the excavated trench and the floor is re-cemented to its original level over the drainage, exerting pressure against the wall, adding stability to the foundation walls.
  • A submersible sump pump is installed in each sump pit to discharge the water collected through the drains. Then the water is discharged away from your home and foundation.

The trained, licensed and insured technicians of Cary’s Crawl Space and Basement Technologies complete each project to the satisfaction of our great clients. Read our testimonials and find out more about our Lifetime Warranty and how you can have a home with clean air today!

Also, if you have already experienced water damage, we are also licensed mold remediation specialists, able to clean and remove mold spores, while waterproofing will ensure they don’t come back!

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