Mold Removal and Remediation in Cary

If your Cary home is like 2/3rds of homes in America, then you have highly elevated mold spore levels within your crawl space or basement!

The air in your home is likely contaminated by mold spores that rise from the crawl space or basement. Through small cracks, drafts and HVAC systems, mold spores can blow through your entire living area. If neglected, this can become a health concern for you and your family and this problem can only be solved by a licensed company in mold removal and remediation in Cary.

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Why Does My Cary Crawl Space Smell?

The Environment Protection Agency reports that 65% of your home’s first-floor air is contaminated with air that travels from the crawl space or basement. This means that mold spores can easily travel from the crawl space or basement throughout your home. When the HVAC system is working, the air is pulled from your Cary crawl space or basement and drawn into the interior of your home through floorboards and walls. This is known as the “Stack Effect” or “Chimney Effect.”

Simply, the poor quality air that is in your home has originated from your Cary crawl space and basement. When you heat or cool the interior of your home, you are unknowingly pulling air laden with mold and other pollutants from the crawl space to your living space. While odor can be a sign of a problem, often, poor air has no odor.  That is why it helps to have your home tested by a licensed mold remediation specialist.

The Moldy Truth

Did you know that mold spores, which are the seeds of mold, are present everywhere? These naturally occurring mold spores aren’t harmful to MOST people at acceptable levels. However, during late Spring when the heat and humidity begin to rise, these spores awaken from a dormant winter state and begin to breed and feed on organic material. This mold bloom can be excessive and can impact your breathing and health. Obviously, we cannot control the humidity and temperature fluctuations present in nature, but we can address these issues inside of our Cary home!

Mold Removal and Remediation in Cary 

Although the mold in nature will never be removed, mold removal in your home is possible when you work with a licensed mold remediation company. We follow a licensed, safe process to remove the harmful contaminants and bring your home back to the clean, healthy state you are looking for. Mold spores can be removed, the insulation replaced, and your Cary crawl space will look just like it did during construction.

But, WAIT!

Go Beyond Mold Remediation and Fix the Cause

Removing the mold from your Cary crawl space or basement will not permanently fix the issue of poor air and moldy, damp conditions in your foundation space. Regardless of the extent that your crawl space is cleaned, the moment we complete the project, the humidity and heat will re-enter the area, contributing to mold growth. The only way to prevent this is by sealing your crawl space or basement waterproofing. Your home basement or crawl space must be completely sealed to control the environmental conditions inside that space. No sense in wasting money cleaning mold and ignoring the real problem.

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Crawl Space and Basement Technologies holds the Council Certified Microbial Certified Remediation designation. Our mold remediation and removal team in Cary can test your home for mold spores and determine if mold remediation is necessary. Contact us at (919) 847-7072 or complete the online contact form to speak with a certified mold removal specialist today!

Learn more about how you can benefit from our Cary crawl space and basement mold removal and encapsulation services with a no-obligation estimate. Once we determine the severity of your home’s mold or water intrusion issue, we will provide a plan and price package to handle the scope of the work and your budget.

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