Chapel Hill Basement Mold Removal

A damp, moldy basement can be a serious problem.

We can help.

Basements are different from other parts of your house. Since most basements are located below the ground level they are naturally damp and very susceptible to moisture. This can lead to mildew, mold, and unappealing odors to surface from your crawl space. Keeping the humidity at low levels can reduce the chance for mold to grow. Generally, mold will not grow is the relative humidity is less than 60%,! The first step to mold remediation in your basement is to eliminate the source of the water entry.

Crawl Space and Basement Technologies offers patented basement waterproofing solutions, that solves both water intrusion and humidity issues in the basement. We install a lifetime guaranteed drainage system and our very own humidity evacuation system, the Humid-Evac, to keep your Chapel Hill basement dry and pleasant. Regardless of which type of moisture it is that causes mold in your basement, we have a solution for you!

Basement Mold in Your Chapel Hill Home

Any material in your home with excess moisture becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold. Furthermore, excess moisture can lead to the degradation of products in your home. Moisture has therefore been offered as a strong cause of risk of asthma and other health concerns such as coughing and allergies. To avoid this, we recommend basement waterproofing for your home.

We can make your Chapel Hill area home safer and healthier for your family.

At Crawl Space and Basement Technologies, we are Certified Mold Remediators and offer our top-quality services to the Chapel Hill area. All work is performed by our trained technicians and comes with a lifetime guarantee. All of our work is fully licensed and insured. For information pertaining to your specific situation, please call us in Raleigh [phone] to arrange for an inspection and estimate.

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