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A properly insulated house will help reduce operating costs by allowing the HVAC system to work at optimal efficiency and last longer. You can be sure that your HVAC will operate with less strain on the system with a newly fitted foam insulation.

During construction, your home was likely built with the minimum required standards to meet code. Typically, this is a cost saving measure that contractors follow, but it doesn’t mean it is the best practice for your homes efficiency.

Although no two homes are exactly the same, there is a one size fits all solution to increase your homes energy use that meets both scope and budget. A professionally completed spray foam insulation will meet the needs for your home.

Retro Fit vs. New Construction in Clayton

At Crawl Space & Basement Technologies, we only work on existing homes. Older homes provide challenges to overcome, which after decades of experience, Crawl Space and Basement Technologies is capable of meeting. Each home has a unique efficiency target that can be met during retro fitting. Each home is reviewed on a case by case basis to determine what needs must be addressed. Most of the homes we service have existing drywall, ceilings and permanent flooring in place. This means that a Retro-Fit house or older home can benefit in 2 ways…Seal and Insulate the Crawl Space and/or Attic for maximum energy efficiency.

Clayton Crawl Space and Attic Insulation

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Crawl Space Insulation can range anywhere from a simple R-19 replacement to a complete crawl space encapsulation that includes a closed-cell spray foam or foam board placed on the walls within the crawl space to achieve maximum efficiency. Our consultants will conduct an inspection to see if there are other choices or combinations that can solve your insulation problem. Once we complete the inspection, our specialists will discuss your report and help you determine the best course for your budget.

Attic Insulation is another great option that is often overlooked during construction. An unfinished attic is strong indicator to why air is pulled from your crawl space into your home. This is called the “Stack Effect” or “Chimney Effect.”

In hot, humid climates, an attic is capable of reaching temperatures that exceed 165 degrees! This means many of your personal items that are stored in an attic are in danger of melting or being unusable, in addition to extreme energy loss and poor efficiency. According to the EPA, an average home can lose more than 40% of heated or cool air through attic ventilation.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs and Select Spray Foam Insulation for your Clayton home!

The benefits of Spray Foam Insulation cannot be overstated. Simply, it is the top solution for sealing your home from moisture, reduction of utility costs, and strengthening your homes structural integrity, all while protecting your family from harmful allergens, pollutants and mold.

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How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

Our trained applicators create a two-part mixture that is applied to wall surfaces, the underside of your roof and walls of the basement and crawl spaces. The spray will expand within cracks, crevices and voids and completely adhere to wood, masonry, metal studs and joists.

Should You Choose Spray Foam over other Types of Insulation?

Absolutely! Spray foam insulation out performs all other insulation types.

Here are just a few reasons why choosing spray foam insulation for your Clayton home is the right choice.

  1. A high R-Value foam minimizes hot and cold spots, leading to exceptional thermal performance.
  2. Foam acts as padding and will reduce weak points that regular insulation misses, adding to structural integrity.
  3. Moisture protection. As a bonus, foam acts as a secondary vapor barrier, preventing moisture from accessing the wall cavity.

Currently, there is no product that can beat foam on performance. Review traditional insulation compared to spray foam by taking a look at the insulation rating chart.

Speak with a Clayton Attic and Basement Insulation Specialist!

Are you tired of high utility costs? If so, then improving your home’s poor insulation is a great way to reduce unreasonable electric bills. By calling the specialists of Crawl Space & Basement Technologies, you can take the first step in improving your homes air quality, but also eliminate overpaying for electricity.

Contact a member of our team today to schedule your custom home inspection. We will provide you with the best solution for your needs. Call 919-847-7072 or complete the online contact form for a consultation!

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