Basement Mold Removal

Fact: 60% of homes in America have highly elevated mold spores in their basement or crawlspace.

Furthermore, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, 65% of the air on the first floor of our home originates in the basement. That means your home’s air quality is directly impacted by your basement and crawl space. North Carolina is notorious for its humidity, which can provide mold and mold spores easy breeding grounds in your Clayton basement. The HVAC system carries this air all around your home, which can cause particular trouble for family members with allergies and asthma.


Basement Odors Creeping Upstairs in Your Clayton Home?

Since so much air originating in your basement or crawl space seeps through the HVAC system and into your home’s interior rooms, moldy and damp basement odors can make the rest of your home smell unfresh. This is called the “Stack Effect” or “Chimney Effect.”

Since mold, mildew, and odors lurk in your basement, simply heating and cooling your home can introduce low air quality and unhealthy air to the rest of your home. No matter how many scented candles you buy, the best solution is to stop bad air at its source — by removing mold and mildew from your basement and crawl space and sealing your home against moisture from outside. As you heat and cool the air inside of your home, you are introducing the health hazards growing inside the crawl space or basement to the rest of your house. Sometimes odor is the best indicator, but other times, these pollutants are odorless.

Humid Clayton Summers Impact Basement Mold Growth

While it may seem gross, inhaling or ingesting mold spores has very little health impact — when they are at acceptable levels in the air. However, when the North Carolina summer brings heat and humidity, dormant mold spores wake up and begin breeding. Obviously, we cannot control the temperature and humidity in nature, but we can seal our house against invading moisture and remove mold and mold spores from our basement and crawl space, so they don’t have the opportunity to grow during the humid summer months.

Let Our Clayton Basement Mold Removal Specialists Help

We can remove mold and protect your home from intruding moisture, mildew, and mold spores — keeping your home’s air quality high and your family’s health safeguarded! Through a licensed, safe process, we will remove the mold in your Clayton crawl space or basement to bring your home back to its healthy state. Our certified mold removal specialists will rid your basement of mold, cleaning in each nook and cranny, even beneath insulation. When we’re finished, your basement will be clean and moldy, mildewy odors will be eliminated.

After removing all the mold from your Clayton basement and crawl space, we’ll also seal your home against sources of the heat and humidity — a process called encapsulation. By tightly sealing your basement and crawl space, you can control the moisture and humidity level in your home. This is a vital part of the mold removal process – otherwise, the mold will return.

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Crawl Space and Basement Technologies holds the Council Certified Microbial Certified Remediation designation. Let one of our certified mold removal experts take a look at your Clayton basement or crawl space and provide you with some information, details, and the most accurate price-point for the job.

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