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Why Does My Home’s Crawl Space Smell Musty?

Moisture build-up in your Creedmoor crawl space is the reason for that musty and moldy air that you smell and even feel. This is the same air you are breathing in your living area. According to the EPA, approximately 60% of all the air in your home’s first floor has traveled from the crawl space through cracks in the floor and the HVAC system. This happens because your crawl space is under negative pressure, which pulls the air into the home.

Once summer arrives, the negative pressure pulls the hot, humid and naturally present mold from the outside air into your Creedmoor crawl space. Once inside, condensation sets in and mold begin to grow. This environment is the perfect breeding ground for microbial activity, rodents, and pests. A full crawl space encapsulation is the only permanent way to reduce the moisture buildup and extend the life of your home.

How can you solve this problem? Call Crawl Space and Basement Technologies to completely seal and encapsulate your crawl space!

8 Reasons Why You Need to Seal and Encapsulate Your Creedmoor Crawl Space

1.  Eliminate the vapor transmission from your crawl space. Remove the more than 60% of mold laden air that comes from the crawl space. Failing to seal and encapsulate your crawl space, you are allowing “dirty” unfiltered air entry into the rest of your home.

2. Get control of humidity within your home. Foundation vents allow hot, humid air entry into your homes crawl space. Once in the crawl space the air can gain entry into the living space of your house. The American Lung Association, American Medical Association, and the EPA recommend keeping relative humidity from 30%-50%.

3. Clean and dry environment. Prevent mold growth by removing all the moisture that helps mold to grow on organic material like wood and the paper backing on insulation. A crawl space encapsulation will seal the area with non-organic material, which reduces the surface for mold to grow.

4. Odor elimination. Avoid musty, stale odors by removing mold and moisture in the crawl space.

5. Prevent insect and rodent infestation. A damp environment is a perfect habitat for pests to nest. Prevent moisture build-up by sealing that open crawl space.

6. Save money! Reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 15% annually from a Creedmoor crawl space encapsulation. Reduced HVAC efficiency due to foundation vents can make your energy bill skyrocket in peak months. During Winter and Summer, the vents allow extreme temperatures to cause your system to struggle. Avoid over-stressing your unit and increase the longevity of your system by sealing the crawl space.

7. Protect your home’s structural integrity. The ground below your home contains a massive amount of moisture. This moisture will enter your home through an exposed crawl space vent, static pressure as water vapor and may even become puddled water. The natural dark and dank conditions of a non encapsulated crawl space, mixed with moisture will create a noxious, destructive environment that mold thrives in. Once mold begins to spread, it can do so at an alarming rate and reach any organic material present. Not only does mold grow, but rot and decay along with termite problems can arise from poor conditions. Keep your home secure and stable by removing harmful moisture from your crawl space.

8. Peace of mind! Rest and breathe easier with a clean Creedmoor crawl space encapsulation. The air in your home, your heating and cooling bills and the value of your home will all benefit from a crawl space encapsulation from our expert professionals.

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