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Save Money on High Heating and Cooling Bills!

If your electric bill is higher than you believe it should be, then you are probably right! Many times, poor insulation plays a big factor in a homes inefficient energy consumption. By not completely sealing a basement or crawl space, your home is prone to leak air. Considering the age of many Durham homes, we commonly find this issue to be prevalent.

Can this problem be overcome? Absolutely!

The solution is to reduce temperature variants caused by foundation vents. Both hot and cold air is allowed to flow into the home through the vents, which leads to moisture problems. Fiberglass insulation is added to the bottom of the first floor to block this air, but because it is porous fiberglass with paper backing, the material will break down over time and after lengthy exposure to moist air.

Your home can become more energy efficient by first sealing off the moisture-rich soil, porous walls and open foundation vents. This is the best option to remove unwanted moisture and temperatures from entering the basement area. Once sealed, your crawl space and basement will be free of contaminates and reduce the energy needed to keep the climate in your home at perfect levels.

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Find out what it will take to reduce your monthly expenditure by calling our basement insulation specialists. We can provide a no cost assessment of your home to determine the proper insulation to match the conditions in your home.

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Basement Insulation for Durham Residents

Control Energy Costs by Choosing Spray Foam Insulation

The benefits from Spray Foam Insulation cannot be matched! Sealing your home from air and moisture will help reduce electric bills, and strengthen your home’s structure and reduce poor air quality.

Spray Foam Insulation Works Differently than Traditional Insulation

A two-part mixture is applied by trained Crawl Space & Basement Technologies applicators to the inside surface of exterior walls, to the underside of the roof and beneath floors in basements and crawl spaces. The spray mixture expands rapidly to fill all cracks and voids, completely and permanently adhering to wood, masonry, metal studs and joists.

Choosing Spray Foam for Superior Home Protection

First, its high R-Value per inch provides outstanding thermal performance, so it minimizes hot and cold spots that can affect the efficiency and comfort of a building. Second, its rigidity provides added structural integrity to your walls. Third, it acts as a secondary moisture vapor barrier to help reduce the risk of moisture intrusion in the wall cavity.

When it comes to insulation, no competing product can compare to the features of spray foam.

The Difference in Open Cell and Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

In general, both are made from the same materials and work in the same way, by trapping air or gas in a plastic matrix. The differences start with the “blowing agents” used to create bubbles and end with both varied performance and cost.

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