Basement Mold Remediation

Humidity Can Lower Your Basements Air Quality.

Clean up mold, mildew, odors, and allergens!

When the air in a confined space rises above 60% humidity, mold and mildew are sure to follow. North Carolina is known for its humidity, so basements in Durham homes are particularly susceptible, often afflicted with the odor and poor air quality that comes along with all those moist mold spores.

This poor air quality is especially bad for people with asthma, allergies, and breathing conditions; although the musty smell can affect anyone. Since mold spores, bacteria, and mildew can be picked up by the HVAC system and circulated into your home, our certified basement and crawl space technicians recommend sealing and waterproofing your basement to prevent moisture buildup and humidity. Our technicians are North Carolina-based, so we know exactly how to manage the dank, humid Durham summers.

The first thing we’ll do is prevent water from entering your home by sealing entryways for leaks. Then, our patented Humid-Evac system will waterproof your basement. With dry, clean basement, the air quality has a chance to improve. Odors dissipate.

Prevent Mold and Mildew in Durham Basements

Do you hold your nose every time you go into your basement to do the laundry or sort through boxes? Are moisture and mildew destroying your childhood memories, stored in cardboard boxes in your basement? It’s time to clear the air!

Especially if you have asthma or allergy issues, it’s vital to prevent mold spores from growing in your basement, then spreading throughout your home. Durham gets extremely humid, even in the winter, allowing mold to grow all year long. Our technicians are specially trained to waterproof your basement and crawl space, to protect your lungs and your treasured belongings.

Our Durham Basement Mold Removal Specialists Will Help You Breathe Easy!

Crawl Space and Basement Technologies have certified, licensed Mold Remediation technicians with years of experience combating Durham’s humidity. Our work comes fully insured, and we offer a lifetime guarantee. Let us clear the air in your basement. Call us at [phone] to get an Inspection and Estimate for our Triangle-based basement mold removal services.

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