Vapor Barriers

If you have an uncovered, vented crawl space or unfinished basement, the damp, humid air trapped under your house or seeping into your basement could be making you sick and causing structural damage. As the water in dirt under your home evaporates, the limited air circulation traps much of the moisture, creating a stagnant environment that leads to wood rot, bugs, and mold growth. The air is able to seep upwards into your home, bringing mold spores, mildew, and bacteria which can aggravate or cause breathing issues and other symptoms.

Fortunately, we can provide solutions to creating a dry, safe crawl space or basement, leading to a healthier home.

What Exactly Is a Vapor Barrier?

To reduce water evaporation under your home or block moisture transfer, a vapor barrier is a common option. It’s a plastic sheet or foil material that is installed over the dirt in your crawl space, preventing evaporation from taking place.

While evaporation from water in the soil does play a role in the amount of moisture under your home, it’s not the only factor. In fact, if you have a vented crawl space or basement, much of the moisture under your home is coming from cracks, crevices, or vents in your foundation. Humid air enters the crawl space or basement and flows upward, causing the same problems.

Is a Vapor Barrier Right for Your Durham Home?

While people living in cold, arid climates can rely on a vapor barrier, it’s not effective in much of the United States. Durham is especially hot and humid, so a vapor barrier will only slow down mold growth and wood rot. This means that homeowners need a more reliable, comprehensive source of vapor protection to keep

Why a Vapor Barrier May Not Be Enough

If you’re only relying on plastic sheeting to keep your vented crawl space or unfinished basement dry, you may be surprised to find that humid and mold-laden air is still able to enter the area. Just like moisture from the ground, humid air from outside is just as disastrous for your home’s structural integrity. Heat and humidity speed up wood deterioration and give insects and termites their ideal environment. Over time, this can cause your home’s foundation and floor joists can become damaged or weakened, requiring professional floor leveling and expensive repairs.

Warm, stagnant air can increase the speed at which mold and bacteria grows. Unless you encapsulate your crawl space or basement, the air that enters will flow into the rest of the house causing mold growth on or within your walls and ceiling. Spores can also enter your HVAC system and circulate through your home, triggering asthma attacks, allergy symptoms, headaches, and other chronic issues.

Protect Your Durham Home with More than a Vapor Barrier

In order to prevent damage to your home and poor air quality, you need to prevent as much moisture from entering your home through your crawl space as possible. That’s why the experts at Crawl Space and Basement Technologies recommend basement and crawl space encapsulation. This provides a thorough and comprehensive sealing of all the cracks, crevices, and vents around the perimeter of your crawl space or basement as well as sealing the floor under your home, keeping your home drier, healthier, and more comfortable!

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