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Does my Floor Need to be Leveled?

If you’ve noticed creaking in your home, sagging spots in the floor or porch, or gaps between the wall and the floor, there’s a good chance your home needs leveling. While this may seem alarming, the process is fairly straight forward in the hands of experienced professionals. But before you know that you need floor leveling, you should know the signs of an uneven floor.

Once you’ve identified an uneven floor in your Raleigh home, there are several options for how to fix it. The two most popular choices are self-leveling concrete and floor jacking. Both of these methods serve different purposes. Let’s dive into the different ways you can level a floor and why floor jacking may be your best choice.

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What is the Difference Between Flat and Level?

In most cases, the difference between flat and level isn’t a big deal. However, when it comes to your floor, it is a serious discrepancy. On one hand, a flat floor is needed for laying tile or hardwood. In general, it means there are no major high or low areas in the floor. By comparison, a level floor means that it is parallel to the ground or foundation beneath it. A flat floor can be fixed with a patch of cement to fill in low spots or raise the floor around higher ones. However, leveling a floor is a more intensive process which we’ll discuss below.

How Do I Tell If My Floor Isn’t Level?

In most cases, age-related settling is what causes an uneven floor. Other times, it can be a sign of serious structural problems like:

  • foundational cracks
  • broken joists
  • deteriorating subflooring

Regardless of what is causing the unevenness, the first step to fixing it is identifying the problem. If you suspect your floor isn’t level, you can easily perform a test to confirm your suspicions. Standing on one side of the room, take a rolling pin, marble, or water bottle and set it down on the floor. If it starts rolling one way on its own, your floor might be uneven. To verify your findings, perform the test from all four sides of any room or anywhere you suspect there may be unevenness throughout the house.

How Can I Level My Floor?

The most common method of leveling an uneven floor is by using self-leveling cement products. These replicate the natural leveling properties of water and can be poured over your existing floor. When mixed, the material flows like water and fills in the uneven portions of your floor. Then, once it hardens, you have a new, level cement floor. Nicer flooring materials like hardwood or tile can then be installed to make the room more appealing. Since this technique takes a lot of material, it is best handled by a professional. The contractor you choose to work with will oversee the entire process and has the proper tools to ensure the job is done properly.

If your sagging floor is the result of a problem with the underlying joists, another technique may be used to help level it: floor jacking. This takes advantage of a hydraulic jack to raise the entire structure rather than filling in low spots. When a large portion of the floor is sagging or when you have an older home, this method can save money compared to self-leveling cement. However, floor jacking can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. Since there is a large amount of weight and several parts involved, the risk of falling objects or the jack tipping over is present. Professionals with experience in floor jacking will be able to safely handle these risks and ensure your home is repaired without incident.

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