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High-quality insulation is a critical part of having an energy efficient home. Unfortunately, many older Hillsborough homes built before 2000 adhered to low-standard insulation codes. Because construction contractors cut costs by providing minimal insulation, Hillsborough homeowners struggle with skyrocketing heating and cooling bills and overworked HVAC systems that require expensive repairs and even damage the environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that a home lacking proper insulation can lose over 40% of the conditioned air. This shameful waste of energy can also damage the air quality in your home.

On top of being better for the environment, well-insulated homes can save you a lot of money on your heating and cooling bills, as well as keep you more comfortable in the summer and winter months. Plus, a top-notch insulation fitting allows your HVAC system to run optimally, with less strain. Saving money and saving the environment — it’s a win-win!

Why Retro-Fit Your Hillsborough Home’s Insulation?

There are several important reasons to retro-fit the insulation in older homes.

  1. North Carolina’s weather is particularly extreme, with icy winters and humid summers that cause a strain on HVAC systems. In fact, many people have to make at least a small repair to their HVAC system during the hottest or coldest months. A poorly insulated home costs more to heat and cool, and it also forces the HVAC unit to work in overdrive all year long, which can take years off your unit’s life.
  2. No matter how energy efficient your heating and air system is, poor insulation wastes energy, which is bad for the environment — and your monthly bills.
  3. North Carolina’s summer humidity can seep into attics, basements, and crawlspaces. Traditional fiberglass insulation doesn’t protect from moisture damage as well as our specialized Spray Foam Insulation.
  4. This extra moisture build-up can lead to poor air quality in your home, including mold, mildew, and allergens. Better insulation can protect against these harmful elements.
  5. North Carolina homes built before 2000 often really need an insulation upgrade, as minimum standards were lower back then.

At Crawl Space & Basement Technologies, we specialize in retro-fitting existing structures and older homes that will receive the most benefit from our foam spray insulation. Our insulation experts will provide a home inspection and create a custom insulation plan that works best for your Hillsborough home’s unique style and needs.

Make Your Hillsborough Home Energy Efficient

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We find that energy usually escapes through two places in your home: Your crawl space and your attic. So our energy efficient insulation technicians target those areas with our energy optimizing Spray Foam Insulation.

The truth is, many older homes have threadbare insulation–if they have any at all–and, although you may not see it, your expensive, conditioned air is leaking out into the environment. Likewise, mold and allergens are leaking into your home. Those nasty allergens get caught in your air circulation and float around your home.

We can seal your home’s nooks and crannies, dramatically reducing energy costs and poor air quality, with our spray foam insulation solution.

Spray Foam Insulation for Attics and Crawl Spaces in Hillsboroughspray insulation hillsborough

Our Spray Foam Insulation is perfect for muggy, moist North Carolina weather. There are several reasons why we choose spray foam over traditional fiberglass insulation, particularly for older Hillsborough homes.

Why is Spray Foam Insulation Ideal for North Carolina Homes?

  1. High R-Value Foam minimizes both hot and cold spots, so you know it can stand up to both weather extremes, providing a thermal
    performance ideal for our climate.
  2. Hillsborough is humid! Our foam insulation can handle that extra moisture by acting as a secondary vapor barrier to protect the wall cavity.
  3. Unlike fiberglass insulation, foam insulation acts as a padding between the cracks and crevices, actually increasing the structural stability of your home.

The Spray Foam Insulation will adhere to any surface in your home, including wood, metal, and studs. It goes on in two parts, applied as a thin mixture that snuggly seeps into even the tightest crevices, then expanding to fill all voids in your home.

Foam performs better than all other forms of insulation, and we can back up our facts. Check out our insulation rating chart to see how traditional fiberglass insulation compares to spray foam insulation.

Contact Us to Retro-Fit Your Hillsborough Home’s Insulation

We all want to protect our family and the environment. Retro-fitting your insulation will help purify your home’s air quality, lower your heating and cooling bills, and make your Hillsborough home more energy efficient. Especially if you’re in an older house, we recommend at least scheduling a custom home inspection to determine the overall quality of your insulation and to locate weak points within your home.

Call 919-847-7072 or complete the online contact form for a consultation, and we’ll create a custom energy solution for your home!

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