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A damp, moldy basement can be a serious problem.

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Basements are a unique area in your home because they are generally the only space in your house below the ground. Because they sit surrounded by soil, they’re prone to moisture and natural dampness. Unfortunately, this creates a perfect environment for mold, mildew and unpleasant basement odors. On top of that, there is a high likelihood that rodents and insects will infiltrate this space of your home. To prevent these things from happening, it is important to keep the relative humidity in your basement below 60%, that way mold cannot enter your basement or grow in that space.

At Crawl Space and Basement Technologies, we offer basement waterproofing solutions that are patented and can solve water intrusion and humidity issues in your basement. We can install our drainage system in your home, which is Lifetime Guaranteed, as well as our humidity evacuation system, called the Humid-Evac, which keeps your basement air dry and comfortable. We can fix any issues you may have with moisture in your basement.

Basement Mold in Your Hillsborough Home

Mold, fungi and bacteria are all microbes that grow inside when there is too much moisture in the air. Once this growth begins to occur, the microbes emit spores, cells, fragments and volatile organic compounds that create an atmosphere for chemical and biological degradation of materials. This leads to contamination in your basement air.

The dampness and contamination in the air causes risks of asthma and other respiratory symptoms, such as coughing or wheezing. This is why dampness is often the main risk indicator for assessing air quality and safety. To avoid these respiratory issues that could arise for members of your household, we strongly encourage you to implement basement waterproofing in your home.

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Here at Crawl Space and Basement Technologies, we offer our Certified Mold Remediators services to the Hillsborough area. We offer a lifetime guarantee for our work, which is carried out by our professionally-trained technicians. We also guarantee that our work is always licensed and insured.

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